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Apple Iphone 14 and 14 pro tips and tricks : Top 16 Amazing features to try

 1. Switch off the reliably on display (14 Star specifically)

The iPhone 14 Star has a reliably on display feature that reduces the background and elements the clock. It's enabled normally, but you could believe that it isn't's exorbitantly important, or that it exhausts your battery. So to turn it off, you can.

Open Settings and tap 'Show and Splendor's and by and by switch off the 'Reliably On' decision. Clear.

If don't require it off continually, and need it on during the day, you can situate it to switch off at night as a part of rest mode. Go to Settings > Focus > Rest. Here you can design a rest focus to start at a set time consistently under the 'Plan' tab. Exactly when it activates, your reliably on display won't ever from now on show around night time.

2. Engage the haptic control center

As a part of iOS 16, Apple conveyed haptic analysis to its own stock control center. Finally. This infers that when you type you can feel unassuming taps or vibrations under the show. To turn it on go to Settings > Sound and Haptics > then, at that point, pick 'Control center info'. Switch on the 'Haptic' decision.

3. Battery rate marker

As we referred to in our iOS 16 video in advance, there's another battery rate marker that you can engage to show the veritable rate in the battery image in your status bar. To activate it, basically go to Settings > Battery and switch on the 'battery rate' decision.

4. Change your notification style

Normally in iOS 16 it as of now shows a number - or 'count' - of notification at the lower some portion of your Lock Screen to let you know the quantity of admonitions you that have stopping. However, you can change this to be a summary of genuine notification, or a heap of notification windows.

Basically open Settings > Notification and pick one of the other two decisions at the most noteworthy place of the screen under 'Show As'.

5. Lock a classified note behind Face ID

In Notes now you can lock a specific note behind a FaceID confirmation. You're not commonly limited to just locking it behind your phone's secret key. To enable this part, go to Settings > Notes and as of now track down the 'Secret expression' decision and tap that. On the accompanying screen select the 'Usage Contraption Secret word' decision and a while later switch 'Use FaceID'. By and by you don't have to use a specific mystery word to open notes.

To lock a specific note just extended push on the note you really want to lock inside the application, and a short time later hit 'secure note' on the pop menu that appears. Next time you endeavor to open it, it'll use FaceID to check it's you endeavoring to get to it.

6. Adjust or unsend iMessages

From time to time when you message you'll likely either a) mull over it immediately and need to unsend or b) produce an embarrassing syntactic mistake. Perhaps both. Luckily in iOS 16, there's a solution for those issues. You can unsend, or change, iMessages now.

Open Messages, type your message as regular and - at whatever point you've sent it - long press that message. You'll see both 'Change' and 'Fix send' as decisions in the drop-down menu. Pick whichever you want to use by then. However, be advised, if the singular you're sending it to doesn't have iOS 16, it won't appear as unsent for them, they'll regardless see the message.

7. Eradicate Duplicate Photos

Apple's latest Photos application lets you quickly and actually delete duplicate photos to help you with saving iPhone and iCloud storing.

Essentially open Photos and tap on 'Assortments'. Investigate directly down until you see 'Duplicates' in the once-over near the lower part of the page. By and by you can either hit 'combine' near each match, or hit 'select' at the top and subsequently genuinely select each image you really want to eradicate and cause an uproar in and out of town trash receptacle image at the base.

8. Drag nearer view subjects from establishments into new chronicles

One of the cool new iOS 16 features is the ability to dispose of subjects from their photo establishments and subsequently share them in any application as an example. With the right system, you can quickly move it into another file or on to an image you might work on in Photoshop, Pages or something practically indistinguishable.

Basically tap and hold the subject as ought normal to kill it from the establishment, by and by keep hold of it with that comparable finger and use your other hand to swipe out of the application and open the application you really want to drop it into.

For instance, in case it's Pages, just open that, make another record - or open an ongoing one - and a while later drop the image. (Accepting for the time being that you're stuggling to get the job done perfectly, really check out at our video at the most noteworthy place of the page for the methodology.)

As we showed in our iOS 16 video, to share them another way, you can just tap and hold the subject, believe that that white line will appear around it, and subsequently tap 'offer' and pick where you really want to share it to or 'copy' and a short time later open the application truly and stick it in.

8. Shoot 48-megapixel photos

This is another part that is only open on the iPhone 14 Expert until additional notification, and it's shooting at 48-megapixels, using the full number of pixels available on the chief camera's sensor.

Go to Settings > Camera and select 'Courses of action' at the primary spot on the rundown. Switch on the 'Apple ProRAW' decision and under that select the objective and assurance that 48-megapixels is picked. By and by when you open the camera application you'll see a 'Unrefined' switch at the most noteworthy mark of the screen. Essentially tap it to engage the full 48-megapixel Rough shot.

9. Actually switch full scale mode on or off

Another important one is the manual full scale mode switch, in light of the fact that for the beyond a few phone ages the auto-trading among 1x and enormous scope can a piece holder. Yet again open Settings > Camera, and by and by flip on the 'Full scale Control' switch.

Open the camera application and move you camera close to a thing, you should see the huge scope logo appear in yellow on the screen. It's enabled as per usual, yet to debilitate it, essentially tap the logo when it appears.

10. Modify Spatial Sound

With iOS 16 there's an entrancing part that uses the forward looking FaceID sensors to redo your Spatial Sound in your AirPods. It works with AirPods 3, and AirPods Star (first and second gen).

To use it, just open your AirPods case, guarantee they're related and go to the Settings application. Tap on the AirPods in the overview and subsequently in the accompanying screen find 'Redid Spatial Sound'. Then, tap the 'Alter Spatial Sound' decision on the going with screen.

By and by it'll take you through a collaboration where it uses the forward looking significance sensors to evaluate your face and ears, and use that data to create a Spatial Sound profile that works for you when you have your AirPods related.

11. See the mystery word for the Wi-Fi network you're on

One component that apparently should have existed so that a long time is the limit could see the mystery expression for the association you're related with. In iOS 16 you can. Just open Settings, tap 'Wi-Fi' and tap the information image near the association you're related with. On the accompanying screen you'll see 'Secret key'. Tap it, and it'll use FaceID to really investigate it's you, and uncover the passkey.

12. Add stops to your Apple Guides course

In Apple Guides in iOS 16 you can add additional stops in transit to your end objective. Essentially go to investigate concerning the most part setting in your ideal end point in to maps, then, hit the drive/vehicle image.

Before you start the turn-by-turn course you'll by and by see a once-over under 'Headings' where you can hit 'add stop'. Tap that, incorporate the regions you want to go through and subsequently re-demand those stops. By and by hit 'Go' to start investigating with your stops on how recently included.

13. Quick Note

iOS has a part called Quick Note that lets you - clearly - promptly start making a note in the Notes application. Just drop down Control Spot and view the control that appears to be as a note page and at least an image. Tap it and you'll speedily start one more note in the Notes application.

14. Back tap to screen catch

There's a cool trick that permits you to tap twice or on numerous occasions on the back of your iPhone to perform exercises like bring a screen catch or drop down the alerts. In addition, it's altogether of the accessibility settings.

Open Settings > Accessibility and as of now find 'Contact'. At the lower a piece of the accompanying screen you'll find 'Back Tap'. Select 'Twofold Tap' and pick 'screen catch' from the summary, or some other capacity you could require. By and by when you tap twice on the phone's back, it'll take a screen catch.

15. Type to Siri

Another accessibility instrument - for the people who could find it hard to talk or tune in - is the ability to type Siri requests. In any case, first you want to engage it.

Yet again open Settings > Accessibility and find 'Siri' near the base. On the accompanying screen essentially change on 'Type to Siri' and as of now when you ship off Siri by crushing and holding the side key, you can type requests taking everything into account and see the responses on the screen.

16. One-gave mode (also called Reachability)

There's a component in iOS that permits you to show up at the most elevated place of the screen less complex with one hand, or even more as a matter of fact, your thumb. It's called Reachability, and when dynamic you ought to just swipe downwards at the lower part of the screen and it'll chop down the top piece of the screen to make it more with reach.

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